Illustration / Concept Art / Project Management

Istation Office Remodel

During 2020 and 2021, Istation managed a complete overhaul of our corporate offices in Dallas, TX. I led the team of artists and designers to pull this project together on time and within budget.

Illustration Concept Art Project Management

Wall Art

Istation lobby welcome signage and artwork installation.

Giving The Offices A fresh New Look 

Since it's move to the current headquarters, Istation has always had a fun, playful office space filled with art and illustration. For the 2021 remodel, I had the opportunity to lead the team of artists and designers when developing wall art and signage.

My responsibilities included:

  • Bi-weekly presentations to the management team for approval on concepts and goals.
  • Being directly responsible for most artwork near the main floor elevators and the lobby.
  • Managing a talented team of artists and designers, assigning work and approving final art.
  • Coordinating and overseeing the printing and installation of the final artwork and keeping the project within the allotted budget. 
Istation lobby entrance and elevator artwork.
Istation Spanish Literacy mural installation.
Istation lobby artwork with a mix of lifestyle images, character artwork and 'Welcome' written on the wall.
The Istation lobby image that combined lifestyle images and character illustrations.
A variety of wall artwork featuring Texas landscapes.
A variety of Istation wall artwork featuring product characters.
Istation Fire Extinguisher artwork installation.
Istation Reading character collage mural installation.
Istation Reading mural installation detail.