Graphic Design / Video Editing / Freelance

Vinesauce Youtube Channel

Provided thumbnails and occasional video edits to lead editor Titania49. My edit contributions have specialized in montages, motion graphics and channel bumps (credited as WadeTyhon).

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Graphic Design Thumbnails Branding

Video Thumbnails


Goal: Create Attention Grabbing thumbnails That engage the right audience

The Vinesauce main channel has contributions from an editing team consistent of multiple video editors. Since Titania49 has been working with the channel, I have been providing the bulk of thumbnails for her published videos including major event videos such as the year end reviews.

The main goal with these is to provide eye catching imagery that appeals to his audience. Since this is a channel geared towards gamers in their 20s and 30s, the channel's vibe is laid back, with more adult humor and channel specific memes. So the thumbnails are created specifically to appeal to this type of audience.

monthly and yearly recap videos

These videos highlight a full year's worth of streams. As such, the thumbnails have to reference the many games and community memes that have developed over the previous 12 months.

The imagery is typically pulled from one of the tentpole games of the year (Smash, Luigi's Mansion, Cyberpunk) with other games presented as NPCs or objects within that scene.

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Single Game Highlight Videos

One off game highlights such as these usually have much simpler designs compared to the compilation videos. The main characters and game logo are typically front and center so that the game can be identified visually at a glance.

Content unique to the playthrough is a secondary design element. Provided with no context, they can serve as a bit of bait to see just what is going on. (Such as: why is Wall-E dressed up as Wario??)